1.Environment of Fangyuan
Written by Pei-hsuan Chen

Fangyuan Township is located on the southwestern coast of Changhua County. With the Taiwan Strait to its west, Fangyuan Township is part of the alluvial fan of the Chuoshui River. This low and flat plain sits along the Provincial Highway 17 to its east. There are regular sea winds from the oceans in the west. Farmers live off the land, and the local life has not changed much since the early days. Industrial development has been limited. This is the reason why its natural environment is relatively unpolluted. The air is fresh and the sea breeze is refreshing.

Fangyuan Township commands an area of 97.21 square kilometers. The population is over 34,000 people. It is the second largest administrative zone in terms of area in Changhua County, second only to Erlin Township. The coastal area is a wet beach, winding along for six kilometers. The terrains are low and flat. The weather is hot and dry, typically of the subtropical monsoon climate. The annual precipitation is approx. 1,000~1,200 mm only.

Fangyuan Township
Wet beach
   Intertidal zone of Fangyuan Township