3.Industries of Fangyuan
Written by Yu-chien Wang

Fangyuan Township, located in Changhua County, is known as the “pearl of the western coast”. The aquaculture industry is thriving here, focusing on oyster farming. There are arrays of oyster scaffoldings along the seashore. In the past, Fangyuan was the synonym of oyster farming.

The growing of carrots, white radishes, peanuts, shallots and the production of sesame oil and peanut oil are the economic pillar in the Caohu area of Fangyuan Township. Farmers plant carrot seeds in the middle of August according to the lunar calendar. Carrots are harvested in February and March, with many harvesting carts running back and forth in the field. There are two harvesting times for peanuts. Farmers typically grow peanuts after the harvesting of carrots. Harvested peanuts are dried under the sun at the yards. Dried peanuts are then made into peanut oil. Sesames are also grown after the harvesting of carrots. Harvested sesames are also dried under the sun at the yards. Sun-drying is a toiling process because farmers need to avoid the rain. Shallots are harvested after three months on the farm. White radishes are harvested after two months on the farm.

Egg farming is also an important industry in Fangyuan Township. In fact, Fangyuan Township is one of the major producers of eggs in Taiwan. Most of the soil is sandy in the township and this limits the options in crop growing. As a result, local farmers started to breed egg hens. This is the reason why Changhua County is the main source of eggs in Taiwan, and Fangyuan Township is among the most important player in egg farming.

Carrot farming
Peanut sun-drying
(a team member’s grandpa)
Hen breeding