Written by Yi-ting Cheng

Taiwan in the 1980s witnessed rapid industrialization and urbanization. As a result, farmers’ children were not keen in agriculture and left the villages. This caused a labor shortage in farming. Despite various policy measures and subsidies, farming villages continued to decline. Economic and future prospects worried farmers. A small grain of rice carries the weight of life. Therefore, each transaction matters. At that time, Mr. Si-yuan Chen saw how sad and helpless of the farmers were. After long deliberation, he decided to set up a trading company. He wanted to achieve his vision and helped farmers by providing a safe, rapid and simple trading environment.

Interview with Mr. Si-yuan Chen

In 1985, Mr. Si-yuan Chen, a graduate from Yuanlin Middle School, established Fenggu Company. “Fenggu” means abundance in rice harvest. It is a name he hoped to inspire happiness and harmony. Fenggu Company is located in his hometown Caohu Village. With a solid and honest management style, the company gradually gained trust and popularity among local farmers. It has taken root in this humble town, expanding its footprint on the ground, and became an integral and powerful part of the local agricultural community.

The company started at No. 489, Caoer Section, Ersi Road, Fengyuan Township, with an area of 100 pings. Sometimes Mr. Si-yuan Chen got worried about the outlook and the prospect of this business and even had doubts about his own dream. However, he gradually found ways to create value because his belief in the importance of agriculture to Taiwan and its people. This conviction kept Mr. Si-yuan Chen motivated along the way and steered Fenggu Company forward, in the journey full of rice fragrance.

Mr. Si-yuan Chen talks about the founding spirits of Fenggu Company

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