3.Organization and Manpower
Written by Hsin-yen Chen

The workload is heavy during the first and second harvests. Manpower allocation is essential to efficiency. Misallocation of human resources may disrupt the teamwork.

When Mr. Tsung-wen Chen took over Fenggu Company, the business was in the early stage of transformation and he only had two employees. Manpower was inadequate given the increasing volume of rice. However, Fenggu Company is cautious in recruitment and does not add headcounts easily.

According to Fenggu Company’s second generation owner Mr. Tsung-wen Chen, the most important requirement for Fenggu Company in selecting employees is focus on details. Whilst rice drying is not complicated, it is not straightforward. Meticulous attention to details is essential to ensure quality throughout the process.

Mr. Tsung-wen Chen

With more and more rice drying machines at work, Fenggu Company requires increasing manpower. More employees are needed as the business grows and the list of to-do items expands. Fenggu Company hires some friends close by to help out. They even applied a foreign-labor headcount. With seven more employees, it looks that everybody should have a lighter workload. However, they remain as busy as ever.

Fenggu Company has two people responsible for cargo loading, two for rice drying, two for accounting, and four for packaging. The manpower allocation is summarized in the table below:

ItemTasksNo. of employeesRemark
Cargo loadingLoading of incoming rice2
Rice dryingRice drying workflow2
AccountingFinance and treasury2
PackingRice packing for delivery4
Fenggu Company’s team

All the employees in Fenggu Company do their jobs well and help each other for personal growth and development. Fenggu Company also has a solid team of friends and family and foreign workers, who come to help out during the first and the second rice harvest reasons. They come to assist agriculture in Taiwan!

Heavy workload in the first harvesting season

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