Written by Yo-cheng Lin

After taking over the company, the second-generation owner of Fenggu Company has been thinking how the company can transform itself to keep up with the changing times and respond to business challenges.

When Mr. Tsung-wen Chen took the helm, Fenggu Company only had a few dryers. When he thought about the large quantity of rice to be deposited during the harvesting season, he purchased large dryers. He also leveraged his own professional knowledge and design wet rice barrels, windmills, and transport equipment. He also replaced the diesel-powered heater with husk burners. As the high quantity of dried rice needs time to find buyers, he designed large cooler barrels for storage.

Mr. Tsung-wen Chen said: "Wet rice barrels make the water content of different batches consistent. This shortens the drying cycle and reduces costs.""Then I felt we did not have enough dryers, so I bought some dryers.""The husks and impurities need to be removed. So, I bought sieving machines.""Freshly dried rice is warm, and it is necessary to lower the temperature to 16-17°C to be sold to the market. Then I bought large air conditioners and cooler barrels. This allows rice in store for a long time and maintains the quality of rice, not subject to market volatility." It is not difficult to relate to "Glory to Agriculture; Benefits to Farming Villages" and "Thriving Agriculture, Wealth to the People", the inscriptions on the horizontal board in Chen’s living room, the center of Fenggu Company. The father and the son at Fenggu Company pursue not only their own profits but the best interest of farmers.

Mr. Tsung-wen Chen explains how to improve the drying workflow

Fenggu Company was founded with three employees. As the facilities and the business scale expanded, the number of headcounts has increased to nine. Fenggu Company’s top priority in recruitment is the attention to details.

The workforce has grown and the equipment has been upgraded. When Mr. Si-yuan Chen was running Fenggu Company, everything was handled manually. Now the process is highly automated. Once the truck has shipped the freshly harvested wet rice, all is required is to set up the temperature and the desired water content for rice drying. Transportation is also handled by equipment.

The new Fenggu Company is something to look forward to.


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