Written by Yu-jou Liu

Fenggu Company’s current annual capacity is 8,000 metric tons and annual sales can reach NT$200 million. The company has set two goals. First, it hopes to build a new facility in Erlin Township. Mr. Tsung-wen Chen explained the choice of the location:"Erlin Township has more resources than Fangyuan Township. It has a bigger farmland area and it is closer to the farmers’ association. Transportation costs can be reduced. It also eliminates the concern over quality issues due to long transportation hours."

Fenggu Company’s second goal is to expand its equipment lineup."It will be easier and safer to handle a large quantity of wet rice. Equipment purchase is my priority", said Mr. Tsung-wen Chen. The rice drying process requires large equipment and sometimes Fenggu Company has troubles dealing with the workload if with the whole workforce mobilized. The process is continuous so it is necessary to keep an eye on the machines. Any incident will be disastrous. The boss and the employees need to stay awake for days. Extra equipment will speed up the processing cycle. It will also be less stressful and in a hurry. This is a balance between safety/quality and profits. In fact, extra dryers are required to meet with the demand from Fenggu Company’s current and existing customers.

Mr. Tsung-wen Chen talks about Fenggu Company’s current status

Fenggu Company also has plans to trade husks in order to reduce operating costs and avoid the pollutions caused by diesel for rice drying. Husks can replace diesel as a heat source. The temperature from husk burning is sufficient to dry rice and it is environmental-friendly.

Ash after burning the husk

Things are stable for Fenggu Company for the time being, and there will not be much change. What happens if Fenggu Company withdraws from the rice drying business? Hard-working farmers may lose a company who cares about them. After all, not all the companies are as generous and warm-hearted to farmers as Fenggu Company.


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