Written by Yu-chien Wang

As Taiwan entered the WTO, many countries have been to Taiwan selling low-priced rice grown in a large scale with machines. This has created a fierce competition with Taiwanese rice. Many families almost only purchase cheaper imported rice. Meanwhile, the introduction of foreign culinary cultures means rice is no longer the only staple food for the Taiwanese people. All these factors have greatly squeezed the addressable market for Taiwanese rice.

Fenggu Company is a company in the rice industry that has worked hard to transform itself. Both the founder and the second-generation owner wished the government can be more proactive in the promotion of rice variety improvement, the enhancement of farmers’ cultivation and management techniques, and expand the business scale of the rice industry. This will reduce the farming cost and boost the competitiveness of Taiwanese rice. "The classification and branding system for domestic rice will encourage consumers’ confidence and stabilize the consumption of Taiwanese rice. The government’s assistance is required."

As imported rice is cheap, the competitive pressure has prompted farmers to upgrade the quality of their rice. This will boost the competitiveness and sales of Taiwanese rice. Fenggu Company looks forward to this positive development.

Only with this can Fenggu Company continue to develop and serve more local rice farmers.

Mr. Tsung-wen Chen shares his vision for Fenggu Company

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