4.Interview Questions
  1. What is the business’ name? How did the name come from? In which year was the company established?
  2. Why would you want to continue in this industry?
  3. How big was the business when it started? How many employees? How many employees are there now?
  4. How do you select employees? How do you allocate workloads?
  5. What is the development plan for the company? Will you add business lines? Do you have any plan to set up new facilities in a different location?
  6. Has the company changed its business philosophy since inception?
  7. What is the biggest challenge for the industry? How do you cope and resolve it?
  8. Does different varieties of rice take different lengths of time for drying?
  9. What are the workflows from the delivery of rice by farmers to drying at your factory to distribution?
  10. Which processes are completed by what machinery?
  11. Is the drying process different for rice sold via different channels? Where does the dried rice go?
  12. What facilities has the company added since inception?
  13. Are you planning to improve or increase equipment?
  14. How is your rice drying factory different from others and why?
  15. How much wet rice can your factory process each year? How much rice is dried per month approximately?
  16. Is there safety inspection on dried rice?
  17. What is the biggest attraction your rice drying factory has to farmers?
  18. How many rice varieties are grown in Taiwan?
  19. What are the factors that influence rice growing?
  20. Which rice enjoys the largest market share by volume?
  21. Do different rice varieties serve different purposes?
  22. What are your sales channels? What companies do you work with in selling rice?
  23. What is your annual revenue? How do you enhance the profit margin?
  24. What are the factors that influence the sale of rice in Taiwan?
  25. What culinary culture is associated with rice in Taiwan?
  26. Are you or your company involved in pro bono activities?
  27. Has the company or its business owner won any award for your work in the industry?