4.Product Contributions

 1. Yu-chien Wang
 2. Mu-en Lee
 3. Cian-yi He
 4. Tzu-ning Lu
 5. Yo-cheng Lin
 6. Hsin-yen Chen
 7. Chih-hsuan Liang
 8. Pei-hsuan Chen
 9. Yu-jou Liu
 10.Yi-ting Cheng
1. To get to know Fenggu Company
2. To collect the relevant data and introduction
3. To determine the topic outline of the interview
4. To interview the business owner
5. To transcribe the interviews
6. To take photos and voice recordings
7. To write the progress report
8. To produce the first draft for the website
9. To organize data
10.To organize the webpage outline
11.To compile the webpage content
12.To produce webpages
13.To categorize all the photos


 1.Hsin-jung Hung
 2.Chiu-yun Yang
 3.Shu-wei Lin
1. To organize the preparatory meeting
2. To contact Fenggu Company’s owner
3. To review the interview agenda
4. To lead students in the visit to the company
5. To participate in the interview
6. To control the research progress
7. To instruct on the writings
8. To review webpage contents
9. To consolidate the results and control the quality


 Fenggu Company
 (Tsung-wen Chen,
 Si-yuan Chen)
1. To provide data
2. To answer questions from students
3. To show students around in Fenggu Company
4. To provide an opportunity for students to do the
5. To provide an opportunity for students to do the cleaning
6. To provide an opportunity for students to observe the
7. To facilitate an understanding about management