2.Culture of Fangyuan
Written by Pei-hsuan Chen

Fangyuan Township is a small town in the west part of Changhua County. Located on the coastal area and close to the Taiwan Strait, Fangyuan Township was previously called "Fanziwa". "Fanzi" means "aboriginal people" because it was the home to the Babuza people of Pingpu Tribe. After the retrocession, the township was renamed "Fangyuan", the name of the local resident Suan-liang Hong’s home.

Fangyuan Township in Changhua County is a remote location, with limited developments and a simple life. Farming and fishery are the livelihood for most people. Wangong area Fangyuan Township is the only place in Taiwan where oxen still pull carts in oyster farms. The life in this farming and fishery town from the 1950s is a magnet for tourists. They come to experience the unique landscape of oxen in oyster farms. The massive pockets of oyster scaffolding is a world-class wonder.

Ox going to oyster farms
Oyster scaffolding