My name is Chih-hsuan Liang, and I am currently in the eighth grade. I am lively and outgoing but dare not look into the eyes of the people I am not familiar with.

I enjoy music, singing, dancing, and playing piano. I am good with calligraphy and painting. My idol is Yuzuru Hanyu, a Japanese figure skater. He is a role model for me because he sets a high standard for himself. This is the reason why I do well in school because I want to excel in everything by spending time and efforts.

By participating in the Cyberfair project, I wish to acquire skills in conducting interviews, data collection and website construction. It is also a great lesson on the importance of teamwork.

I am Yu-chien Wang, a student in the eighth grade. I enjoy traveling, good food, and soap opera. I am good with sports. My dream is to tour around the world, become a rich person, and learn about different cultures in different places. If I do become a billionaire, we will share my wealth with the poor people before buying anything I need.

I play flute in the school wind orchestra. I signed up for the Cyberfair project because I wanted to learn more things. Any learning is good even if the acquired knowledge may not be used often. There are so many things in life awaiting me. My mother also encouraged me to join.

I hope to learn more about rice from this topic, so that I know how hardworking farmers are and I will not waste any food. I hope this topic teaches me something I do not know in daily life. Let us work together!

My name is Cian-yi He. I am an eighth grade student and I live in a small family.

I joined the Cyberfair project because I have a curious mind. I wanted to learn how to accomplish a project as a team, so that we can win the platinum award. I am also interested in rice as a research topic. Another reason is that I am good in English at school. I do not like studying much but I find learning English interesting. I am an enthusiastic child. As the Cyberfair project is evaluated according to interactions between students in the process of accomplishing the work, I believe I will do well.

I am Tzu-ning Lu from the eighth grade. I am an optimistic and open-minded girl. I live in the countryside of Erlin Township and I have always enjoyed since childhood. The sight of lush green farmlands from our door puts me in a happy mood every day. Shortly before the harvesting season, golden ears of rice dance with the winds. It is a beautiful picture! When the rush split machines are at work, birds gather to pick up grains scattered on the ground. white egrets are the largest feeding crowd!

I see the magnificent sunset every day from home. My neighbors are friendly people. They share with us any fresh produces. It is great living in the countryside. I get to observe the nature and breathe in clean air. I have good health and enjoy my life.

I wish to share with everybody about rice as an important food by working with the Cyberfair project.

My name is Mu-en Lee. I study in a fine arts class at the eighth grade of Sihu Junior High School. I am an easygoing but quiet person. I like to read manga and draw illustrations. This is also my way of releasing pressure. I am good at piano playing and lovely illustration drawing. My favorite singer is Wu Tsing-fong. His songs always give me strengths and help me through tough times. What I take pride the most is the way I get along with people. I listen first before I speak at an appropriate time. This is why I have a lot of friends.

I thank my teachers for inviting me to the Cyberfair project. The interview and the involvement taught me about the journey of a company from inception to achievements and the contribution of companies to local communities.

My name is Yo-cheng Lin. I am 14 years old. I live in Sihu Township of Changhua County and I am a student in the eighth grade. I enjoy doing math because I like to use my brains. I also like going for a walk. I learn new things and get to relax. I like to use the computer to produce some slides.

I am a responsible person and I deliver what I have promised. I am optimistic and I smile a lot. There are four people in my family. My father is a worker and my mother is a housewife. I have a twin brother. My family members often take me around and teach me schoolwork. We are a happy family. I hope I can learn new things and know how to work as a team from the Cyberfair project.

My name is Hsin-yen Chen. I am the youngest child in the family. I am a student in Sihu Junior High School. I do not get stellar academic results but I try my best despite my limited patience. I enjoy reading novels and I try different sports. I have been learning swimming for the longest time and this is also what I am good at.

I started to learn English since I was in the kindergarten, so my English proficiency is better compared to others of the same age group. When my parents are busy with work, I help out by doing housework. I have two elder brothers. I only get to see them over the weekends because they are much older than me. This is why I enjoy my time with my brothers.

I cherish everything I have today, and I feel grateful to those around me.

My name is Yu-jou Liu, from Erlin Township of Changhua County. I am currently in the eighth grade of Sihu Junior High School. There are four people in my family: my father, my mother, my eldest sister, and myself. I have learned ocarina, recorder, rollerblading, and table tennis. In fact, I was the runner up in the recorder competition of the county.

I enjoy listening to songs, watching films, and playing computer games. The thing I enjoy the most is good food but I am worried about gaining weight. I can only manage half a day of dieting for weight control purposes. I signed up the Cyberfair project because it sounded interesting and may be helpful to me in the future.

I found the production stage really challenging. I thought about dropping out. I carried on because I thought how hard everybody worked. This gave me motivation.

My name is Yi-ting Cheng, currently studying in the eighth grade of Sihu Junior High School. I get good academic results and I get along with people. I enjoy observing the natural environment because it is fun and full of surprises. I love extra-curricular reading materials in my spare time because it relaxes me. I get to know about different worlds in words and immerse in the reflection of the writer’s mind.

I take on new challenges and I have a curious mind. I ask a lot of questions and this makes me a good listener.

I hope to exercise the capability and utilize the experience I have built over time by participating in the Cyberfair project. This gives me the opportunity to expand my network and initiate cooperation. It is a great vehicle to get to know the companies in my hometown that marry traditions and innovations.

My name is Pei-hsuan Chen, from Sihu Junior High School. I started with the eighth grade this year. I am a sparkling girl. I like to make friends and listen to others. Friends are an important part of my life.

I am good at expressing opinions, and I do not stop asking if there is anything I want to know or I do not understand. This is one of the reasons for my boldness.

I travel with my family in spare time, so I am good at geography as a subject in school. I have a great sense of directions. I also practice Erhu in my free time. It is my hobby.

This is my first time taking part in the Cyberfair project. I am inexperienced. I hope to learn something new and interesting in this activity.