In August 2020, the teachers put ten of us together for the first time. Initially most people did not know each other and nobody dared to voice out opinions on research topics. We learned the ways of each other after interviews again and again. We also got to know each other better through the discussions. During interviews, we were able to raise our questions, clear and loud to Mr. Tsung-wen Chen, and summarize answers into key points. After that, the teachers synthesized our ideas and thoughts and allocated tasks accordingly to what we are good at. Our work gradually took shape because of our complementary efforts. We completed our project after rounds of improvements.

In addition to skills in interviewing, copywriting, and website production, I learned that each project must be completed step by step and with solid efforts. Everybody does his/her best so that the team is complete. This experience also taught me the strength of teamwork. The fighting story of Fenggu Company made me realize the importance of integrity in business and the contribution of small firms to local communities.

I feel grateful as a member of the Cyberfair project.

We are a team of 10 people, from two different classes. Things were a bit awkward during our first meeting. However, we needed to work as a team so we made efforts to break the ice. Initially we were clueless about Cyberfair. We did not know what to do and we had no good ideas. Fortunately, the teachers guided us through the process and we all tried hard. We experienced a lot of difficulties along the way. In the beginning it took all of us by surprise. However, we needed to overcome all the hurdles to accomplish the project.

I remember we were shy during our first interview with Mr. Tsung-wen Chen in his home. Nobody dared to ask questions. After a few visits, we got to know each other and interacted more, so the interviews came to a good end. The Cyberfair project is challenging and the process is complex, but we remained committee. After all, it was our decision to join. We cannot quit halfway through simply because things are difficult. We should cooperate as a team and work together to achieve results.

To obtain a good result, we all took it seriously. This competition was a great learning experience for me.

I learned a lot from the Cyberfair project. I got to know the varieties of rice. I also found out rice drying was manually done before machines were invented. There was no drying machine in the past. Rice was sun dried. I also learned about the process of rice drying. The freshly harvested rice goes to the drying mills. It is first put into a wet rice barrel. Then a sieving machine screens out impurities before drying. The dried rice for the government is packed directly. If it is to be sold to the market, the rice goes to the cooler barrels. It is packed before distribution to the market and ending up in meals. I feel rice drying is a tough business. You cannot sleep for the whole day when things are busy. You need to attend to machines at the factory and work in a dusty environment. Indeed, every grain of rice is the result of hard work by many people.

I also learned how to conduct interviews, organized data and construct websites. All these processes were interesting. The Cyberfair project was helpful to me because I learned a lot.

A lot has happened, from the initial selection of participants to the formation of a team with the teachers. In the beginning, we were somewhat displeased with the standards set by teachers. We were rookies and how could we do it well? There are also three talented students from the fine art class. We could not compete at all. However, we decided to give our best shot in the end.

To win the platinum award, we discussed seriously and we revised our writing again and again. We were stressed and the teachers worked hard too. Our articles became increasingly comprehensive, evidenced by the growing number of project files on the desktop. The sight of our webpages gave us a great sense of achievement because this is the result of our efforts for months.

Although the research topic is the factory runed by my family, I had no idea how much I did not know! I learned a lot from this competition. I had a better understanding about interviews, copywriting, and file production, as well as the rice industry in Taiwan. I benefited a lot.

I feel privileged to be part of the Cyberfair project. I experienced a journey of creating something out of nothing, and I revisited the beauty of our land in Taiwan.

This research topic is highly relevant and in fact integral to our life. Food is the first consideration for the people. Rice is important for us. We re-established our understanding about the rice culture by observing in life and experiencing with the heart. I started off thinking this would be easy but came to realize how many challenges were involved for the creation of webpages. From interviews, structuring, copywriting, to webpage construction, we all spent a lot of efforts. This is how we got a complete website today.

We came across a lot of hurdles along the way, but we worked together to overcome challenges. This made me realize the importance of teamwork. I was so happy and proud that we were able to produce these webpages. This all came down to the efforts from our teachers and the dedication of our team members. I hope our work achieves a good result in the contest.

This is the first time I take part in an international competition. It is also my first time in this type of contests. I did not participate in many competitions since childhood, and my involvement was limited to competitions in the school or about performances. I did not win many awards either. I do not like the pressure. I am never driven to sign up for any competitions so I rarely desire to win an award.

When I heard about the Cyberfair, I wanted to try out of curiosity. It was the process that taught me the meaning of Cyberfair. It was the first time in my life that I wanted to be recognized by others by winning an award. I learned a lot from the Cyberfair project. I got to see new things and experience new things. I also learned how to observe other people’s strengths in a group and to create opportunities with my capability, so that I can have the best experience in everything.

At the closing stage of this project, I wanted more people to know that the delicious rice we eat is the result of efforts from many people. I had a great sense of achievement when I saw what we worked together to accomplish. I wish our work can win because everyone involved in the process deserves an award.

When I started with the Cyberfair project, it was nothing but fun. It was the first time I came to know about the Cyberfair project. It was something new to me. However, once I started to work on it, I realized how demanding it was. The research on a subject matter cannot be achieved by one person alone. It takes a team. Everybody works together to achieve the perfect results.

Once the team members have been confirmed, the next step was to decide on the topic. This was followed by structuring questions for interviews to get the first-hand information and make our work stand out. Our teachers told us that we need to participate in essay competitions in the senior high school. By that time, we will be asked to organized data and type out transcripts. Senior high school teachers may not be able to instruct us on these skills. So, by taking part in the Cyberfair project, we were in effect acquiring these skills in advance. It also gave us the opportunity to know the difficulty in all walks of life in the society.

There were many challenges in the process, but we supported and encouraged each other along the way. I had a great sense of achievement when my writing received positive feedback from the teachers. Although we sacrificed our breaks for meetings and discussions, it was for us to correct mistakes and learned from others by reviewing the differences in our own works and other people’s works. I am grateful that our teachers guided us through the Cyberfair project.

I grew up in Changhua. I walked on the streets and by the buildings for over 10 years. I was in the car driving through the countryside and the farmlands. I have looked carefully at the luxuriously green and tall trees and examined the dry and intertwined branches, but I have never observed the traditional industries also thriving here. When I was told that our project would focus on “industries”, I was nervous and restless.

Luckily, our teachers instructed us through the process. Everybody in the team helped and encouraged each other. Multiple interviews, writing about the findings, and discussing the topic gradually established the framework. Our efforts were transformed into a fighting story that touches the heart and the highlight of achievements of a traditional industry over decades. Every time I click on our work, I always have different feelings and thoughts.

This Cyberfair project gave me a better understanding of the industries and the landscape of our hometown. I also know better about rice and even made some friends in the collaboration process. The Cyberfair project opened up my eyes about traditional industries and our hometown. This insight is crystal clear because of our collective efforts.

In the beginning, we spent a lot of time brainstorming on ideas and structuring the project. We also had to think about what questions to interview Mr. Chen with. Our discussions typically happened during lunch breaks or after school. At that time, I felt the Cyberfair project was so much trouble. It took me a lot of time to write and discuss. All my wonderful lunch breaks were gone.

We created something from nothing in this process full of obstacles and challenges. After our first draft, we revised and edited, again and again, until we finalized our contents. Our sense of achievement grew when we saw our webpages gradually taking shape. We started off knowing nothing about website construction but ended up with some knowledge about it. We also got to know more about rice and rice drying techniques. We visited Mr. Chen’s home, experienced different activities and listened to him explain in detail about rice.

I really learned a lot from the Cyberfair project. I also got to know the importance of teamwork and cooperation. Everybody in the team matters! It also gave me the opportunity to experience something outside the textbooks. Whether we wins in the competition or not, I have benefited a lot by trying.

I hesitated when our teachers were inviting people to sign up the Cyberfair project. I decided to join because my parents talked me into it.

We were all on the Cyberfair project for the first time. Our teachers explained to us so that we knew what it was about. We began to collect data and prepare for the interviews. To collect field data, we needed to visit Fenggu Company and interview Mr. Tsung-wen Chen about his rice drying mill. In the beginning, we did not know how to do interviews and we were corrected by the teachers a lot. In the end, we all became better with it. Before the second interview with Mr. Tsung-wen Chen, we thought hard about our questions. It was a brain-racking experience for me. Luckily, we worked as a team to resolve all the problems. We also experienced some tasks in the rice drying factory during our visits. Those are not easy jobs.

Before the website was released, we supported each other through the interviewing, experiencing, and data collection process. Even though our writing was returned by the teacher for rework, we became more precise in wording in the end. There were also issues such as declined copywriting and missing data. However, I felt everything was worthwhile when I saw the finished work ready for the competition.