Automation saves a lot of labor efforts but packing still requires manual involvement. I opened up a gunny bag and then pressed the switch. A large quantity of rice came pouring down from the storage barrel. Once the rice filling stopped, the bag was sealed by a bag sewing machine. The rice bag was placed on a conveyor belt and loaded to a truck. We had to climb up in the truck and stacked up the bags. It took a few of us to barely lift a 70kg rice bag, but a factory employee could manage on his own and precisely staked it up to the right spot. I was impressed. This is what “practice makes perfect”!

I got to try the packing process during my first visit to Fenggu Company. Rice had to be packed into a bag and then moved to a truck. One pack is as much as over 60kg. We were a total of 10 people but struggling with one bag. The weight was crushing on us. Yet the skilled worker carried one pack easily and walked by us with a smile on his face. They have been doing the job for long time and are highly experienced. Very impressive.

We tried to help with rice packing, but the weight of a rice bag is really not easy for anybody. I saw a man easily carrying a 60kg+ bag on his back and moving it to the truck. I was so impressed that he could handle so many bags himself, without running out of breath. The sheer weight was a shock to us for a moment. The weight was simply too much even with five to six of us. This is the reason why we should be thankful when we eat delicious rice. We owe this to the dedication of many people.

When we tried to do the packing, I felt the packed bag was so heavy. It took a few of us to carry it. Then the employee next to us grabbed an over 60kg rice bag with one hand! That was so amazing. I also got on the truck full of rice bags. It was great fun. The truck was loaded with many rice bags. After I got off the truck, I was amazed with how a pick-up truck could carry so many bags. It was an interesting experience.

After a series of rice drying procedures, the next thing was to pack rice into bags. We watched a man carrying rice to the truck, effortlessly. When it was our turn, even ten of us could not really handle this 60kg plus bag. The workers aside could not help laughing when they saw how clumsy we were. I got the first-hand experience of the difficulty of manual labor. Wouldn’t it be a burden to the body when they move the bags day in and day out?

Everything needs to be packaged before it is sent to warehouses and then shops. The packing of most things is straightforward but it is a different story with something over 60kg in weight. Just imagine you need to carry somebody over 60kg in weight. Those movers pack the rice into bags and carry each bag, over 60kg in weight, to the truck. How amazing this is. I remembered it took six of us to barely carry one rice bag, and we all used up our strengths. I really admire those workers who can carry one bag on one shoulder. A few of us took nearly two minutes to carry one bag. Imagine how long it would take if we were to carry a rice bag to the truck? It was really challenging.

On November 5th, we tried the job of rice packing. Each bag weighs more than 60kg. Before we gave it go, we saw one worker carrying one bag by himself. It turned out the whole stacks of rice bags were loaded by him. When we tried to move a full bag, we realized how heavy it was. Workers seemed to move these bags effortlessly. In the end we helped them by moving a few bags. This made me realize how demand their job is. Moving heavy stuff like this over a long period of time must be taxing on the body.

The rice is packed at the end of the facility. We worked together trying to lift up one bag. Ten of us tried the best we could to carry the over 60kg rice bag. We barely managed it. We then divided into teams of two people doing the packing. Two of us held one side of the bag. The moment the rice came pouring from the storage barrel took me by surprise because of the combination of weight and gravity. I was taken aback! I was impressed with the worker who could carry one bag by himself. I think I would be able just to lift the corner of the bag.

We went to Fenggu Company to give it a go with rice packing. It was so difficult. We saw one man carry a over 60kg bag on his bag. He is so strong. A few of us could not even deal with a single bag, but he had no troubles carrying it around. It will probably cause occupational injury if he works like this for a long time. It was not until today I realized how much effort is required for rice packing. I learned a lot today. I know I should cherish food from now on.

Before packing, it is necessary to handle bags of dried rice. Fenggu Company’s employees carry packs of rice to the truck so that the rice can be transported for trading. Each bag weighs at least 60kg. How much strength is needed to carry one bag? They carry a few dozen bags at one sitting. Movers are not a job for everybody. Some rigorous training is required. Five of us tried to move one bag and we hardly made it. There was no way any of us could handle on his/her own. We simply could not carry it up to the truck for stacking. One employee took over and easily carried a few bags. He is actually thin, but strong!